The Students' Anthusiame in Welcoming Two Foreigner Came to SMKN 1 Satarmese

Friday, July 29, 2022 | 01:01 WIB Last Updated 2022-07-30T00:18:18Z
The Students' Anthusiame in Welcoming Two Foreigner Come to SMKN 1 Satarmese (Mr. Piter and Ms. Clara)

Bernasindo.id - SMKN 1 Satarmese were visited by two foreigners Mr. Piter and Ms. Clare on their journey to Waerebo, 27/07/2022. 

They come from denmark and doing holiday for exploring Indonesia and to see Waerebo nearly. Before they doing waerebo tour, they have spend a halfday to visited our school (SMKN 1 Satarmese). 

All the teachers and students were really welcome for their coming. 

On that moments, they try to motivate all students by visiting every class and share their experience and reason why they come to indonesia. 

After few hours they motivating the students, they drive back to Narang  for overnight at local homestay there. 

On the next day,  they go for visiting Waerebo village which accompanied by  One teacher with two students of SMKN 1

The teacher that together with them have been working for freelance tour guide before. Piter and clare were really enjoy their tour to Waerebo. 

"I am really proud of them to come and visit us here, because it can be motivating the students to increase their ability in english. I myself also keep big hope for all my students that they can do it, if there are another Piter And Clare come to visit and motivating them", it said by Mr. Venan.

SMKN 1 Satarmese is one of the school that focus on tourism bussines with two competence inside those are Tours and travel program, hotel accomodation program. 

This school is very new school, it was estabilished on 2021, After there is an agreement of the locals to let 2,5 ha of the elementary school area given for  built up this vocational school. 

So finally on march 2021 we got the legitimation for accepting new students on the new academic year of 2021/2022. With total of students 106 students and now is the second year we operated with 84 new students.

Eventhough this new school but in manggarain regency we do have name by winning second winner indonesian and english debating club among the vocational high school in Manggarai regency. (vb/bernasindo)

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  • The Students' Anthusiame in Welcoming Two Foreigner Came to SMKN 1 Satarmese

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